Welcome to MDS Public Sr. Sec. School

About Us

M.D.S Public school has been setup with the motto ‘quality education to all’ by Shri MadanLal Shastri- a government teacher and social activist- who is the founder, Chairman of MDS School.
MDS School is directed by Mr. Harish Yadav, an acclaimed academician under whose motherly guidance the students always feel safe and secure.
Mrs. Anuradha Yadav is the Principal of MDS School. An epitome of motivation and inspiration this young woman who may also be termed as a bundle of energy is always keen to innovate something.
About the teaching faculties, undoubtedly, it may be stated that they are among the best ones in their respective fields with proven excellent track record. They exploit their fullest potential in nourishing the talent of the students and thus bring the best out of them.
School Information-
1. Name of School   :                                                                    MDS Public School
2. Address   :                                                                                V.P.O Digrota, Distt- M.Garh(Haryana)
3. E-mail   :                                                                                   digrotamds@gmail.com
4. Establishment of School   :                                                    2012
5. Name and Address of official Founder/chairman    :          Shri MadanLal Shastri V.P.O. Digrota, Distt-M.Garh (Haryana)